It’s a new year

After today, which is still December 31 where I’m writing this, it’ll be a new year. But not on the Yahoo! front page, where folks are a little confused here:

fp new year cap 3

and here:

fp new year cap 2

Those capital letters should be reserved for New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and just plain New Year’s (when it refers to the holiday). But if you mean a year that is just starting, it’s new year.


They never cease to fail

When in comes to quality writing, the scribes at Yahoo! DIY never cease to fail:

never ceases to fail

Why would anyone make cotton candy that is guaranteed to be a failure at wowing guests? What better way to show your carelessness than adding an unnecessary word to a common idiom or confusing then with than?

When it comes to writing errors, these folks never cease to amaze.

Just call it a sparkling wine

There’s some disagreement in the writing world about some words. No surprise. One of those words is Champagne (or maybe it’s champagne). The American Heritage Dictionary says to capitalize the word when referring to the region in France, lowercase it for the bubbly beverage. The Associated Press style is to capitalize it in all usages. Which is correct? It depends on house style. So, maybe the house style at Yahoo! is to capitalize it:

fp cham uc

Except when it’s not the house style:

fp cham lc

The solution is to adopt one capitalization style or one authority on writing and follow it consistently.

Nightmarish typo

From, a nightmarish mistake:

fp nighmarish

Do you use it to start fires?

Is a kindler recipe one that you use to start a small kitchen fire? I don’t know. Maybe the folks who wrote this for the Yahoo! front page can tell us:

fp kindler

1 New Year’s Eve mistake you don’t have to make

Here’s one New Year’s Eve mistake from Yahoo! DIY that I’m sure you’ll avoid:

nye no apost diy

Don’t forget the apostrophe in Year’s. That’s it. You’re welcome.

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