Not a sports fan?

I’m guessin’ the folks who work at Yahoo! Style aren’t sports fans. At least they don’t seem to be fans of the Super Bowl. Any real football fan knows this is wrong:

superbowl style 4


Prose, poetry. It’s all the same

Once again the writers and editors at Yahoo! have shocked me with their limited vocabulary and their incorrect use of common words. This time it’s in a headline at Yahoo! News, where the writer thinks that a poetry festival is about celebrating the West with prose:

prose news

Where did the writer get the idea that prose and poetry are synonymous? They are not. Prose is ordinary, commonplace, non-rhyming, non-metrical speech or writing. Just like that headline.

Isn’t selling children illegal?

How does she get away with it? This woman named Nguyen sells kids, as reported by Yahoo! Makers:

sells kids diy

C’est incroyable

Mon dieu! Where the heck did this writer for Yahoo! Style get his education? It certainly wasn’t in an English-speaking (or French-speaking) country:

ateliers style

An atelier is a room, workshop, or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer. It was originally a French word, but is now also a common English word. Except to this writer.

(Also, the writer’s use of though and but is a little cuckoo. And that’s not French.)

Fans of Katy Perry clothes are a tap away

Can’t wait to get your hands on those wacky folks who love Katy Perry’s clothes? No worries! According to the Yahoo! front page those fans are just a tap away:

fp tap away

The snapping talk show

Talk shows are a lot smarter than they used to be. They can take pictures and they have a gender. At least that’s the case with this one, mentioned on Yahoo! Celebrity:

the talk show celeb

I wish I were a little bit smarter

I wish the writer for Yahoo! Style were a little bit smarter about grammar:

was style

If you’re writing about something that isn’t true or a wish (like, um, maybe like NOT being taller), then use the subjunctive mood. In a sentence expressing a wish, use were, and not was: I wish I were taller, I wish he were smarter.

Splitting up homeownership

Homeownership: It’s one word, except on the Yahoo! front page:

fp home ownership

The American Heritage Dictionary lists homeowner and homeownership as single words.

Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush: Separated at birth?

Golly, Sen. Lindsey Graham sure looks like Jeb Bush in this photo on Yahoo! News:

lindsey graham news

They could be twins! They look so much alike that I thought that was a picture of Gov. Bush speaking in San Francisco last week. Maybe all Republicans look alike. At least to Yahoo! News staff.

This has seriously negative effects on readers

Using the wrong word can have negative effects on readers. Just consider how this misused word on affects your opinion of the site:

fp affects

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