Did you mean the university?

Columbia is a university in New York. I’m pretty sure the writer for Yahoo! Style did not attend that Ivy League school. I’m not even sure she attended any school after the fifth grade. It seems to me that in the sixth grade we all learned that Colombia was a country in South America:

columbia sty

Out of this word!

Perhaps in another world, another universe, another galaxy this makes sense, but to the English-speaking world this is an other-worldly boo-boo on the Yahoo! front page:

fp wordly

Piece out!

Holy moley! Did I really read this on Yahoo! Style?

piece signs sty

I’m not talking about the misspelling of Nikko La Mere’s name, although that’s bad enough. I’m referring to piece signs. Is the writer so young or so ignorant that she thinks that a piece sign is an actual thing? It’s peace sign.

No so fast!

Proofreading? Good for you! Just don’t go so fast that you wind up making this mistake on the home page of  Yahoo! Makers:

no so fast diy

That’s gotta hurt!

A crown made of cacti? Ouch! That’s gotta hurt:

cacti bea

That photo and caption are from Yahoo! Beauty, where writers may be experts on mascara and cold cream, but can’t tell a cactus from a succulent.

John McCain’s abbreviated announcement

There’s something missing from Sen. McCain’s announcement on the Yahoo! front page:

fp announcment

Nicki Minaj gets a makeover

Celebrity makeover alert! Nicki Minaj gets a makeover by the genius writers at Yahoo! Style:

nikki minaj sty

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