Dumbest Statement of the Day

Today’s Dumbest Statement of the Day comes to you from the Yahoo! Style editors who claim that 1.5 Armenians were killed during the Armenian Holocaust:


I’m still trying to figure out how half a person can be killed.

Walking through a drunken crowd

Who the heck wants to walk through a crowd of drunken locals on vacation? Not me! That’s what I’d tell the Yahoo! Style writer responsible for confusing locales with locals:


Idiom, idiot. They’re so close

Maybe the genius writer for Yahoo! Style made a little typo and was going for idiot when she wrote this:

idiom sty

Clearly she couldn’t have meant idiom because it’s not an idiom, it’s a saying, an adage, an old saw.

Now here’s an idiom (or it would be an idiom if the writer had gotten it right):

up to par with sty

The expression is “on a par with,” which means equal to. Or maybe it’s “up to par,” which means just average.

She would have been correct with close-ups — if she had just closed it up with a hyphen.

By “scratching on a century,” I think the writer means “approaching 100.” Maybe the writer doesn’t know that a century is 100 years and that at 86, the subject has 14 years before she’ll hit that milestone. That’s like saying a newborn is nearly a teenager or a 50-year-old is “scratching” on retirement.

Idiom, idiot. So close in spelling. And so close to being the correct word.

Meet the world’s most famous blogger

OK, I lied. You will not meet the world’s most famous blogger in this blog. I don’t even know if the world has a most famous blogger. I was just trying to illustrate the punctuation that the editors for Yahoo! Makers should have used here:

worlds diy

Did you just dash that off?

Did the writer of this teaser on Yahoo! Celebrity just dash it off? I’d say so:

dash cel

The first hint was the mention of Dash boutiques since there’s only one Dash boutique in Hollywood. Obviously the writer didn’t have time to verify that little fact. Then it was the undercapitalized Pilates, which is a proper noun. But who has time to check a dictionary? Finally it was the mismatched subject (signs) and verb (which should be prohibit). OK, that’s not the result of dashing off a sentence; that’s the result of being poorly educated.

What would you do with Tuesday Weld?

If you put tattoos on Friday Kahlo, what do you think you’d do to Tuesday Weld or Sunday Kidman Urban or Wednesday Addams?

friday kahlo sty

And what would you do to the writer for Yahoo! Style who’s responsible for this Frida Kahlo f**k-up?

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