At least she got the color right

If you’ve been reading Terribly Write for a while, you know that the writers at Yahoo! Style are particularly challenged when it comes to issues such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling. So it’s no surprise that a writer thinks there should be a hyphen after an adverb ending in -LY and that she can’t spell anointed:

morning coat sty

When she’s not mangling the language, she’s mangling the facts. She claims Prince William wore a morning coat for his wedding. This is a morning coat:


This is what Prince William actually wore:

morning coat

It is a military uniform and what we might call a jacket is referred to as a tunic. But I can see how one might confuse it with a morning coat because they both have two sleeves.

That’s an unusual name for a woman

Didn’t anyone working on Yahoo! Style notice that this is a rather unusual name for a woman — even if she’s an actress?

mario bello sty

Yes, that is unusual. And wrong. The actress is Maria Bello and misspelling her name in a headline for an article about her is embarrassing. And completely avoidable.

Numbers make my head hurt

Ow! Numbers make my head hurt. Please don’t make me write about numbers. Or write numbers. Or think about numbers. Not even a number like the year. (I think it starts with a 2 and a 0.) And don’t even think about asking me to do fractions. I’m just a writer for Yahoo! Style and I can’t do arithmetic, much less real math.

So, now you know why I’m not sure of the year. We’re halfway to 2015, right? That’s what I wrote here:

halfway to 2015 sty

But then I thought maybe we’re already in 2015 and since it’s the end of April, maybe we’re not quite halfway to 2015 or even halfway through 2015. Now my head really hurts. I think I’ll go take an Advil and lie down.

How many is a number?

The number of errors on reaches a level that hasn’t been seen since yesterday at noon. Here’s one more:

fp number reach

A number of these errors are avoidable by simply employing an editor with a thorough understanding of grammar.

The American Heritage Dictionary describes how to choose the correct verb to use with the noun number:

As a collective noun number may take either a singular or a plural verb. It takes a singular verb when it is preceded by the definite article the: The number of skilled workers is increasing. It takes a plural verb when preceded by the indefinite article a: A number of the workers have learned new skills.

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