That would be a special occasion

You know what would be a special occasion? Any time an editor for the Yahoo! front page referred to a dictionary or ran a spell-check:

fp occassion


Scarlett Johansson’s confused

Scarlett Johansson is so confusing. Not the actress herself, but the actress’s name. The headline writer for Yahoo! Style thins this is her name:

johannson sty hp

But in the article itself, the writer seems even more confused, giving the actress an entirely different misspelling:

johannsson sty

I’m confused, too: Why don’t the writers and editors at Yahoo simply Google the name? Why are their standards so low that they’re OK with misspelling names that are so recognizable? Why are they still employed?

Do I have to bend over?

Searching asses after three floors break down sounds like nasty work. But that’s what responders have been doing, according to the Yahoo! front page:

fp asses breakdown

Writing numbers in letters

If you overlook the misspelled leather (how do you make a mistake like that?) this excerpt from Yahoo! Style doesn’t look too bad. Until you realize that the writer doesn’t know a number from a letter:

numbers in letters sty

How do you write 00:45:50 in “big, bold letters”? Is it ZERO ZERO COLON FORTY-FIVE COLON FIFTY? Wouldn’t it be easy to write the number in big, bold numerals?

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