Dumbest Statement of the Day

Uh, no. Prince George was not born more than two years ago. He was born on July 22, 2013 and here we are in May of 2015. That makes him less than two years old and the writer for Yahoo! Style less than an arithmetic genius:

more than 2 yrs ago sty

Not a college graduate

I’m guessin’ the writer or editor for the Yahoo! front page who’s responsible for this never wore a mortarboard:

fp wears

Is that supposed to be wares? I hope not because I’d hate to think there’s a professional writer or editor out there who thinks that’s correct. Maybe it’s supposed to be ways and somebody is a really, really bad typist and an incompetent proofreader. That would be much better.

Today?s top typos

Today’s top two typos come to you from the home page of Yahoo! Style here:

sty hp weeks

and here:

sty hp insitute

and here:


and here’s another one!


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