Don’t make it so obvious

If you’re going to spell a word (like, oh, say gala) with and without a capital letter, don’t do it in an obvious place where your readers can’t miss the inconsistency:

fp gala uc lc

This lesson in what not to do was brought to you by the people at

Poverty of proofreading

There seems to be a real poverty of proofreading ability among the staffers at the Yahoo! front page:

fp povery

At least you got his name right

The folks at the Yahoo! front page can’t decide who’s selling a house in Warren Buffett’s neighborhood: Is it the guy across the street or the guy who lives next to the billionaire? Or both of them?

fp next to

Actually, it’s the person across the street. Why the writer felt that “next to” is equivalent to that location is beyond my reasoning ability. On the plus side, at least they spelled Mr. Buffett’s name right.

Why not me?

Does this sound right to you? It obviously sounds right to the Yahoo! Makers writer:

for i diy

But it’s wrong. No, not the “for Meredith and” part; just the use of the pronoun I. The correct pronoun is me, the objective case of the pronoun I and the object of the preposition for.

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