Lily Aldridge: So wrong

Poor Lily Aldridge! She can’t catch a break on Yahoo! Style. The genius writer managed to mangle both her first and her last name:

lilly aldrige sty

Then there’s the little matter of minaudière. Nice try! But wrong. The accent over the e is going in the wrong direction. Not unlike this writer.


It’s not an acronym

The Met Gala, benefiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, was held this week. It was widely covered on news and fashion sites, including Yahoo! Style. So, why did this writer for Style think it was an acronym?

met cap sty

Perhaps she thought it was the Mimes Entertainment Training Gala, to support nonspeaking entertainers. Anyhoo, the writer persists in referring to it as the MET Gala, but we shouldn’t be surprised. Anyone who doesn’t recognize headpieces as one word is sure to make a variety of mistakes, including nonsense about “the shorter you go, might be the way forward.” WTF?

My advice to this writer: Please do a little research. Use the Shift and Cap Lock keys judiciously. And try to write actual sentences.

Justin Bieber in gold broth threads?

Who knows what that is? That’s what the writer for Yahoo! Style asks about “gold bouillon thread”:

bouillon sty

She’s paid to write about fashion, and she doesn’t know? Actually, she has no clue. Bouillon is a clear broth, not usually associated with either gold or thread. Bullion is a gold thread used in embroidery.

What are you implying?

When I read this on Yahoo! Style I inferred that the writer didn’t know the difference between infer and imply:

inferring sty

The writer inferred that Adele implied “she had some kind of ‘fancy dress’ birthday bash.”

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