This one’s a real winner!

This mistake on Yahoo! Style isn’t one of the runners-up — it’s the winner for worst spelling of a plural:

runner-ups sty

You probably knew how to form the plural of compound nouns like mothers-in-law, attorneys general, and secretaries of state. Maybe the writers and editors (if they exist) will learn how, too


No wonder they’re laughing

Did the Cleveland Indians’ players read this on the Yahoo! front page? Is that why they’re laughing?

fp indianss

In the United States, team names are treated as plurals, so it makes no sense to form the plural of a team name by adding an apostrophe and an S. If the name ends in an S, we just add an apostrophe. That’s what we do in the U.S., but the style may be different in the country where this was written.

Remember that song by the Andrews Sisters?

You’re all too young to remember (or even to have heard of) “I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time” by the Andrews Sisters. There’s a line in the song that goes “church bells will chime.” I mention this because the writer for the Yahoo! front page seems to think that churches chime. They do not. Even the Andrews Sisters knew that church bells chime:

fp chime

Sofia Vergara: Columbia graduate?

The writers at Yahoo! have called her Sophia Vergara and Sophia Vegara, but this is probably the worst misspelling of Ms. Vergara’s name:

verara sty

Perhaps the writer for Yahoo! Style thinks “Sofia Verara” attended Columbia University. She did not. But she is Colombian, and that’s close enough for Yahoo!.

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