Why is it Speaker Boehner?

Why does Speaker Boehner get a big fat S in his title? Because he works in the capital! Ha-ha! That’s just a little grammar humor. It looks like the writer for yahoo.com has a sense of humor, too, because this is pretty funny:

fp speaker lc


Fewer mistakes would be better

What could make Yahoo! Makers better? Fewer errors, like this misuse of the word less:

less trips diy

If you’re writing about countable items (like mangoes, rolls of toilet paper, or Republicans running for the president), use fewer or fewest; otherwise, use less or least.

Where do you put ice cream hoards?

Do you need a freezer in the garage to stash ice cream-loving hoards? Hordes of people want to know. Maybe we can ask the writer for Yahoo! Travel:

hoards tra

With respect to that word…

Show your respect for the language by using the correct word every time you write. The Yahoo! Travel writer could pay her respects by using respects, and not respect, in this common expression:

pay respect tra

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