Are we agree’d?

You don’t write free’d or flee’d or agree’d, do you? So, why on God’s green Earth did the Yahoo! Makers writer think she needed an apostrophe in the past tense of pee?

mom peed diy

And while I’m questioning her knowledge of English, I’ll pose one more query: Why didn’t she capitalize mom?


A couple of errors

It’s really one little word that’s missing on the Yahoo! front page, but it’s a couple of mistake:

fp couple segments

Here’s what the American Heritage Dictionary says:

The of in the phrase a couple of is often dropped in speech, but this omission is usually considered a mistake. In 2013, 80 percent of the Usage Panel found the sentence A couple friends came over to watch the game to be unacceptable.

Was the other coke involved?

Was the editor involved with a little coke before writing this headline for

fp coca-coca

Let’s see how long it takes the geniuses at Yahoo! to change that typo to Coca-Cola and to change infamous to famous. (Infamous is not a synonym for famous; it means notorious or well-known for a very, very bad reason.) Maybe they’ll also move that question mark so that it’s outside the quotation marks.

Whoa is me!

Whoa, mamma! It’s one of the most frequently misspelled words on Yahoo!. This time it appears on Yahoo! Style:

woah sty

If you’re like the writers and editors at Yahoo!, who refuse to use a spell-checker or dictionary (shame on you!), maybe you can remember that the word isn’t woah because that would rhyme with Noah.

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