Dumbest Statement of the Day

It took a whole team of Yahoo! Style “editors” to come up with this statement:

late night

David Letterman’s departure from his late night show has been documented on the Web (including Yahoo!), in traditional newspapers and magazines, on TV and on the radio. So how did the brain trust at Yahoo! Style screw this up so badly?

Mr. Letterman did not spend 33 years as the host of “The Late Night Show.” In fact, there is no program called “The Late Night Show.” He spent 11 years hosting “Late Night with David Letterman” followed by 22 years at the helm of “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Maybe the kids who wrote this are just too young to stay up after 10 o’clock. Maybe someone will teach them to read and show them how to do a Google search. Maybe someone at Yahoo! will hold them to a higher standard than “make up any information you want.” Maybe the Earth will crash into the sun.


It’s not a corporation

The Peace Corps is not a corporation, in spite of what you might read on Yahoo! Finance:

peace corp fin

I don’t know if Corp is meant to be an abbreviation for Corporation or if the writer just doesn’t know how to spell Corps. Doesn’t matter. It’s just wrong.

Nice tries, but wrong

This writer for Yahoo! Finance seems a little confused about where to put a hyphen:

nobel prize fin

The writer’s not confused about capitalization, though — just wrong. It’s Nobel Prize, with two capital letters. Oh, that hyphen? It belongs after Nobel Prize: Nobel Prize-winner Stiglitz and Nobel Prize-winning economist.

Rein it in!

When will the writers for Yahoo! Makers rein in their errors? When will they learn the difference between rein (which means to control or restrain) and reign (which is what a monarch does)?

reigning it in diy

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