How many is too many?

How many mistakes are acceptable in a sentence? Zero? One? Two? Three? That’s what seems to be okie-dokie over at Yahoo! Style, where the writer misspelled French Riviera, used the wrong preposition in what should be arriving at, and banged out dressed instead of dress:

rivera sty 2

In baseball, that would be three strikes, sending the batter to the dugout. I wonder where Yahoo! sends its writers who strike out. Oh, yeah. Yahoo! sends them to their next writing assignment.

7 Responses to “How many is too many?”

  1. Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns Says:

    Zero mistakes are acceptable especially in a forum like Yahoo! Are those typos or spellcheck errors?

    • Laura Says:

      Judging from the number of misspellings that appear every day, I don’t believe that Yahoo writers use a spell checker. A spell-checker wouldn’t catch “arriving to,” which is a common error made by Yahoo writers — especially Yahoo Style writers. I think these are all just human errors that go undetected and uncorrected.

  2. 5 Likes. #4 « Transcend ❤ Says:

    […] How many is too many? […]

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