Of all the grammar mistakes made by Yahoo! writers and editors, this is probably one of the worst because it’s in the first word of the first sentence of the first paragraph. And it’s soooo obviously wrong:

me and my par

I don’t know anyone, much less a professional writer, who would say that, much less write that. The Yahoo! Parenting writer needs to go back to second grade or start hanging out with people who speak correct English.

You, me, and the rest of the English-speaking world know that the correct pronoun is I, not me. And if it sounds awkward as the first word that’s because it shouldn’t be the first word. The pronoun I should come second in the compound subject: My 7-year-old son Jack and I.


How to be an up-and-coming writer

Are you an up-and-coming writer? If so, don’t follow the example of this Yahoo! Beauty writer, who doesn’t know that upcoming means “occurring soon” and not “gaining prominence” (that would be up-and-coming):

upcoming farrah

Written by a Millennial?

Americans bemoaning the state of public education need look no further than the Yahoo! front page for an example of the failure of schools to teach the basics:

fp millenials

I’m guessin’ that the headline was written by someone in the U.S. (though I could be wrong and it could be written in another country) and that the writer is a Millennial who never learned to spell and who can’t be bothered to consult a dictionary or a spell-checker.

Is that a new word in sports?

Is this such a new word in American sports that the writers at Yahoo! Sports had to resort to using the British spelling?

offence spo

This isn’t the worst offense possible; it’s just a slap in the face of American readers, who are used to see offense.

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