Journalism at its finest

How do you explain this? The writer for obviously thinks this is how Jaden Smith spells his name:

fp jayden smith

The article about Jaden Smith (which you see by clicking on the photo or headline) uses this spelling:

jaden smith cel

Obviously, the writer and editor thought that was wrong. So, without bothering to verify the spelling, made up their own spelling. That’s  what passes for journalism at Yahoo!.

Little Caesars Palace

Where can you get pizza in Las Vegas? Little Caesars! Or as the folks at the Yahoo! front page call it, Caesars Place (it’s kinda like Caesars Palace, but without all the letters):

fp caesars place

Close enough

Here’s Willow Smith.

dress sty picShe’s wearing a gray outfit. Here’s how the writer for Yahoo! Style described her attire:

dress sty 1



Hmmm. Am I missing something or is Ms. Smith missing something — like a gray jersey dress. Unless that’s a very, very short dress she’s wearing under her jacket, I’d said the writer made a little mistake.

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