Do they work for the same company?

Sometimes I think the people who write for work for differ companies; or maybe they work for the same company, but in different countries and they speak different languages and cannot communicate with each other. How else can I explain the inability for these “journalists” to agree on how to abbreviate United Nations?

fp un 2

Maybe no one would notice if these abbreviations didn’t appear together — again —  on the same page minutes later:

fp un

Why is it so hard to agree on something this basic? Is it that they just don’t care?

2 Responses to “Do they work for the same company?”

  1. Jack Ronald Cotner Says:

    Seems to me if Yahoo is paying editors anything at all, the company is wasting money.

    • Laura Says:

      Yahoo does have some people with the title of editor, but I’m not sure they perform the same role as the traditional editor I’m familiar with. They may just select the articles to be published. Some Yahoo writers have commented that the editors have changed their work, introducing some of the errors that are reported here. I think that you’re right: Whatever their role, they seem to be incompetent.

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