How heavy was the line?

Towing a line involves pulling it behind you. If it was fishing line, it probably is an easy task, though it makes no sense in the context of this Yahoo! Style article:

towed the line sty

If the writer meant that Ms. Miller’s toes were touching the line, then she was towing it, she was toeing it.

They even has editors

At professionally written websites, you’d never see this kind of error found today on Yahoo! Style:

they even has

That’s because professionally written sites have writers who have mastered basic English grammar. They even have professional editors.

Paired up with the wrong word

Maybe if the writer for Yahoo! Style tried to pare down her use erroneous words she wouldn’t be making these mistakes:

paired down sty

You can pair up items of clothing and you can pair up two words to make the correctly spelled grownup. You just can’t pair down anything.

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