Sorry I’m latte

Is it too latte to tell this writer for Yahoo! Style to stop being so pretentious?

latte sty

This gal must think she’s the most brilliant person in the world because only she knows there’s an accent mark over the E in latte. She is, of course, wrong.

Is that before sense?

What do you call the period before you come to your senses? Presense! That’s what’s on the Yahoo! front page, unless that’s the presence of a terribly embarrassing misspelling:

fp presense

The whole world is watching on

With the whole world watching — the whole world looking on — the Yahoo! Style writer mashes up two common verbs. The result is not pretty:

watching on sty

At least she’s consistent

It must be great to be so sure of your spelling ability that you know you don’t have to look up any word or any name. I wish I had that kind of confidence. Heck, sometimes I Google my own name just be certain that I’m spelling it correctly. So, this gal over at Yahoo! Makers is so free of self-doubt that she makes up a spelling for Cruella de Vil and for the movie she appeared in, 101 Dalmatians:

cruella diy

She’s so sure she’s right, she even uses those misspellings in a caption:

cruella diy 2

So confident. So consistent. So wrong.

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