A snapshot of whom?

Who is Amy Schumer talking about when she mentioned a snapshot of her? She was talking about herself, and that’s the pronoun the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity should have used:

of her cel

Caster eyes on this!

Caster eyes on this spelling on Yahoo! Makers:

caster 1

The writer seems to have confused castor oil (from the castor oil plant) with the little wheels on the legs of her office chair.

And she’s not the only one who’s confused. I’m confused by her instructions. Where the heck am I supposed to find a just?

caster 2

An everyday occurrence

It’s practically an everyday occurrence at Yahoo!: Someone confuses everyday (which means ordinary, routine, or commonplace) and every day (which means each and every day). This time it’s on Yahoo! Beauty, where the writer meant “in their ordinary lives”:

every day bea

Was Skylar an unhappy accident?

Was misspelling Skyler Berman’s name on the home page of Yahoo! Celebrity an accident? Or did the writer fail to research the spelling and just made something up?

skylar cel

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