Keisha? Keshia? Big diff

Does anyone care whether this actress’s name is Keisha? No, not at Yahoo! Celebrity:

keisha cel

Her name is actually Keshia Knight Pulliam, and anyone writing or editing for a site that’s focused on celebrities should know that.

I’m trying to figure out the reasoning behind this inconsistency on the Yahoo! front page. Is it a political thing? Does the candidate for the Republican Party get a hyphen when he’s the front-runner?

fp gop front-runner

But the Democratic candidate doesn’t get one?

fp dem frontrunner

Or is it a gender thing? Like a male front-runner, but a female frontrunner? Or is it just a case of letting writers spell words any way they want?

Even too much

The proofreading at was so weak that even even an extra word got through:

fp even even

Every other error is even beat

There are lots of bad grammatical and spelling mistakes on, and this is just one more:

fp is even beat

Every other error is beaten by this grammatical gaffe. Who among English speakers thinks that verb is correct?

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