That’s a lot of money for a piece of a ticket!

How much would you pay for a ticket to a baseball game? How much would you pay for a piece of a ticket? According to the Yahoo! front page a piece of a ticket is going for over $1,000:

fp a piece

And I thought paying $1,000 apiece — that’s each — was a lot!

Did it immediately kick in?

Did your inner Grammar Cop immediately kick in when you read this from the Yahoo! front page?

fp immediate

And then I wrote then

There is nothing more precious to the folks at Yahoo! Celebrity than using good grammar. Right? Wrong:

then 4 than celeb

And no one is more proud than the editors at Celebrity for their word choice. Right? Wrong again:

then for than cel

Getting married at the airport?

Are you a soon-to-be bride thinking of getting married at an airport? Then Yahoo! Style has just the gown for you:

down the runway sty

While most other brides will be going down the aisle, you can be going down the runway!

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