Guess what’s not a question

Guess what’s not a question on the home page of Yahoo! Style. This:

guess who sty

It’s not a question, it’s a imperative sentence.

Zendaya’s dog goes to heaven…

Zendaya’s dog goes to heaven, and at the keyboard of writers for Yahoo! Celebrity, the English language goes to hell:

teenss diy

What the heck is that? Is the writer hedging his bets, trying to make a possessive out of both a singular and plural noun, because he doesn’t know which to use?

How big was his waist?

A man lost 70 pounds by running marathons. Good for him! What’s really unusual about his story? According to the Yahoo! front page editors, all of that weight came from his waistline:

fp waist

Apparently the rest of his body retained its original pounds. Odd, no? Perhaps the writer took a little liberty with the facts for the sake of headline.

Is this the end?

Is this the end of the “Stupid Punctuation Placements”? Probably not. It’s on the home page of Yahoo! Parenting, where the editor thinks “Post-Baby Bikini Body” is an actual question:

body quest quot par

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