Did they have flood insurance?

I hope the family living in the house “filled with creeks” had flood insurance. At least with all that water, the floors won’t creak.

creeks sty

Just when I thought Yahoo! writers made every homophonic error possible, the folks at Yahoo! Style come up with a new one. Good work!

Is there a feasible explanation?

Is there a feasible explanation for this nonsense on Yahoo! Style?

unfeasible sty

According to this brainiac, using nylon for jackets was possible during WW II because “nylon was rationed for use in parachutes.” Does she think that unfeasible is a synonym for feasible, and not its antonym?

Not paying attention

Someone at Yahoo! Style was not paying attention when this was published:

attention sty

After seeing that, I have no intention of reading any more of this photo caption.

Taking a holiday

The writers at Yahoo! have taken a holiday from using the Shift key when pounding out what should be Halloween:

halloween lc mak

and Labor Day:

labor day sty

I guess the editors were taking a holiday from there jobs, too.

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