When a misspelling is offensive

A competent editor might have saved this Yahoo! Style writer from making this offensive ethnic slur:

cooly sty

I hope that the writer meant coolly and that he accidentally included that hyphen because he knew that it was unnecessary to connect an adverb ending in -LY to the word it modifies.

Reaching an agreement

There’s a little lack of agreement over at yahoo.com. It seems that the editors can’t match a subject (like footage) and its verb (which should be gives):

fp footage give

They were also unable to come to an agreement with this subject and verb:

fp mom come

Do you think maybe the S key isn’t working of their keyboards?

Worse for wear

Where did the writer for Yahoo! Style get the idea that this was correct?

to wear sty

Forsooth, no tooth!

I don’t know where Adele is hiding those prominent teeth, but according to Yahoo! Celebrity, this isn’t a toothless grin, it’s a toothy one:

toothy cel

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