Rhymes with dough

It rhymes with dough, so shouldn’t it be spelled similarly? Was that the thought process behind this word on Yahoo! Movies?

through steak mov

Of course, the word is throw. It also rhymes with row, beau, floe, go, whoa, and sew. Maybe the misspelling could have been much worse.

You’re wrong

Here’s what you’re going to read on Yahoo! Style:

youre costume sty

I’m hopin’ this is just the result of a brain cramp and that the writer really knows that you’re is short for you are and that the possessive pronoun is your.

Who’s responsible for that?

Who’s responsible for this gaffe on Yahoo! Style? Whose mistake is it?

whos ghost

Not a good place for a typo

There’s no good place to make a typo, but there are some really, really bad places to make one. Like in a headline on the home page of Yahoo! Style:

lavnin sty

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