It’s not nice to fool your readers

I should have known that when a writer for Yahoo! Makers can’t figure out what verb to use in a simple sentence, that the rest of the article would not go well:

is for are diy

Undeterred by that obvious grammatical gaffe, I read on. I was curious to see what I could make with a cone, fake snow, and hot glue. And then I saw the actual list of materials and equipment I’d need:

list mak

Well, don’t I feel foolish. Here’s an obvious case of bait and switch. Lure me in with a promise of making a Christmas tree using three objects, and then spring this on me. I’m not even going to mention the misspelled iridescent and snowflakes and the missing slash in and/or. OK, so maybe I will mention them.


Why don’t you buy a dictionary?

The folks at took a big risk today by failing to consult a dictionary before publishing this mess:

fp buy

Climbing the journalistic ladder

How did the editor in chief of Yahoo! Makers make it to that somewhat lofty position when she knows so little about language and grammar? On the home page of the site, she writes about this DIY ladder:

palette mak hp

This is a palette:


The ladder in question is made of pallets. Is that homophonic mistake just the result of a mental hiccup? Does the editor in chief really not the difference between a palette and a pallet. Uh, yes, she doesn’t know the difference. In the article behind that headline she writes:

palette mak art

Is it any wonder that the writing on Yahoo! Makers isn’t up to the standards of a typical high school newspaper?

Does any know actual grammar?

Do any of the writers and editors at Yahoo! Style know actual English grammar? I’m talkin’ about the ability to match a subject (like, oh, say, tickets) with its verb (which ain’t goes):

tickets goes sty

Apparently it’s just too hard to find the subject in some sentences (I’m lookin’ at you, one) so that they can come up with the correct form of the verb (which ain’t were):

not one were sty

Does anyone there know correct grammar? Does anyone there care?

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