Raising the bar on idiom idiocy

This writer for Yahoo! Food has just upped the ante and raised the bar on writing nonsensical idioms:

upping the bar food


Put on your thinking cap

Put on your thinking caps, folks, and try to imagine why this Yahoo! Style thinks anyone would wear a scullcap:

scullcaps sty

Of course, if you’re the type who wants to wear this herb on your head, you can buy some seeds and grow your own:

scullcaps pic sty

A wee bit of an error

We’re talking about a wee bit of an error on the Yahoo! front page, but we can’t help wondering why the Internet giant doesn’t provide a spell-checker for its writers and editors:

fp wee

Please try English next time

You gotta give the editors and writers at yahoo.com credit: They don’t let their ignorance of English stand in their way of writing for the site. Take this claim about “twists on popcorn garlands”:

fp stringing up

What could be wrong with that headline? Nothing except that the article it refers to has nothing to do with popcorn garlands, twisted or otherwise. It is about making garlands, none of which involves popcorn.

And then there’s the assertion that “stringing up popcorn” has been around forever. If by “stringing up,” the writer means “stringing up,” then there’s a problem. The expression “stringing up” means to kill someone by hanging. So, maybe you might want to just string that popcorn.

Finally what’s with the “step higher”? Is that supposed to be another twist, but on the common idiom “step further”?

But I quibble. Perhaps I should be satisfied that all the words are spelled correctly, even if they don’t make a lot of sense.

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