Climate change: A hot topic

If you’re searching for reliable health information, authoritative information on climate change, or probably anything about travel, don’t go looking at Yahoo! Travel. If you do, you might encounter this ridiculous claim by a writer who has no business writing about the dangers of overheating:

hypothermia trav

Exposure to high temperatures can result in hyperthermia. Hypothermia is the result of exposure to extreme cold.

The readers of Yahoo! didn’t overlook that little mistake. They left a few comments for the writer:

“Does Yahoo ever research its topics?!”

“So it looks like next time Sophie Forbes (I wish I could tag her in this somehow) should do a little proof reading so she doesn’t look like a complete fool when millions of people see her article.”

“maybe an editor changed it………..of course i’m being sarcastic”

“What passes for editing in “journalism” today is nothing more than spellchecker.”

“This is all part of the charm of reading Yahoo.”

“My high school paper was better than yahoo by far.”

“Honestly, it’s almost impossible to take what this article has to say seriously when it can’t even get simple facts correct.”


What do you think?

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