Gas stations and chopping blocks

Isn’t it great that Yahoo! Makers is hiring young people right out of third grade, to write for the website?! It’s such a great opportunity for them to learn the business, practice their craft, and expand their vocabulary. Lord knows they need help with the last.

This writer was tasked with describing signs around Paris that protest the participants in the recent climate change summit. This is one of the signs:

gas stat pc

We all know Mobil, the oil company. But this child is still learning about big business and her knowledge of Mobil extends only as far as the local gas station:

gas stations

So, she didn’t write “Major oil companies.” Big deal. Do you think her job should be on the chopping block for that? Do you know what “chopping block” means, because heaven help me, this writer doesn’t. Sigh. She still has a lot of growing up — and learning — to do.


What do you think?

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