Now you’re not even trying

If you saw this on the home page of Yahoo! Makers, you might think this is the result of a careless brain cramp:

palette diy hp

You would be wrong. Looking at the picture, you could tell that the writer really meant pallet, and not palette, which refers to a set of colors or the board painters use for paints.

As to the “brain cramp”? Well, it looks like the writer isn’t even trying to use the correct homophone, because she also calls the pallet a palate, which is the roof of your mouth or your sense of taste:

palate palette

This gal really doesn’t care about how dumb she looks and how embarrassing her writing is to herself and her employer. She manages to slip in a correct spelling, but not before coming up with another palate:

palette palate

She’s not even trying to get it right. And her attitude is so wrong.


What do you think?

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