Is that a run-on sentence?

There’s been a run on errors on Here’s just one example:

fp on a run on


Adjustin’ Justin Trudeau

The genius editors at Yahoo! Style made a little adjustment in Justin Trudeau’s name, apparently ignoring the fact that Justine is generally a female name:

justine sty

From the bed down to the down

By now, readers of Terribly Write know that every day Yahoo! writers and editors make mistakes in articles and headlines that would humiliate the staff of a high school newspaper.

Now, they’ve brought their experience and knowledge of English to videos. And this is just one example of their skill from Yahoo! Style. See if you can decipher it:

bed down to sty

No article would be complete without an embarrassing error

Of course, no article on Yahoo! Style is complete without a requisite nonsensical (by which I mean “stupid”) mistake. Here’s today’s:

complete with sty

According to this author, who holds the title of news editor, Ms. Lohan posed nude in the photo shoot, which meant the photo shoot wasn’t complete and therefore could never be complete. So I guess Ms. Lohan is still posing for that photo shoot and will be until the end of time. Someone better send over a pizza. That gal is goin’ get hungry.

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