Just throw it anywhere

Proving that she has no regard for punctuation or accuracy, this Yahoo! Style writer just throws the marks in willy-nilly:

rachel-wood sty

Did she really think that Evan’s last name was Rachel-Wood? Or did she just not care that her name is Evan Rachel Wood? Obviously she didn’t bother to check the title of the film “Dallas Buyers Club,” preferring to just throw in an apostrophe.


What does an apostrophe mean?

An apostrophe can be used to show possession (as in “a writer’s mistake”) or to indicate that one or more letters have been omitted from a word or phrase (as in “I can’t believe this”). Here, an apostrophe is used to show that the Yahoo! Style writer has no idea when to use an apostrophe:

ole apos makers

What letter or letters did she think were missing from ole? Was that short for oleo? Oleander? Maybe she meant olé. Or maybe she meant a shortening of old and should have written ol’.

How would you answer?

In a series of interviews, this Yahoo! Style asked designers this enigmatic question:

or is a mix sty

And surprisingly, they all were able to answer it, even if they couldn’t understand it.

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