Firing cannons at Christmas

A Christmas cannon doesn’t seem in keeping with the spirit of the season. But according Yahoo! Style Pope Julius I did something  with a Christmas cannon. Maybe he lit the fuse:

cannon sty

If I were really interested in learning more, I’d consult the Christmas canon, which would be a collection of literary works, or Wikipedia.


Between you and me, this sucks

OK, so maybe “sucks” is a rather strong word for a grammatical goof that is so obvious, even a child would notice it. It looks like the Yahoo! Style writer didn’t get much help from her colleagues. Between her and the editors, no one could come up with the correct pronoun:

between she

Worried about your job?

Let’s take the charitable view of this article by the Yahoo! Style news “editor” and assume that she’s worried about keeping her job and the anxiety is affecting her writing. With recent headlines about Yahoo! selling off parts of the company, she may be concerned about her future. Of course, it’s also possible that she has a tenuous grasp of English and a third-grader’s vocabulary.

The article is filled with typos and misspellings, but they’re not nearly as bad as her misuse of common words, like betrothed. She apparently thinks it means married, and not engaged:

betrothed sty

She has trouble with the plural of some words, like aircraft:

aircrafts style

The plural of aircraft is aircraft. If she wanted to emphasize the fact that there were multiple planes, she should have used the word planes.

Homophones are another problem for this gal, who can’t seem to remember that palate is the roof of her mouth (or her sense of taste) and palette refers to a color scheme:

color palate sty

Why were the folks at Sofia Vergara’s wedding glowering? We’ll have to ask the “editor” for an explanation:

glower-filled sty

Proving again that plurals are too difficult for her to master, she comes up with lilys instead of lilies. (Didn’t we all learn “change the Y to I and add ES” when we were 8?) And her limited vocabulary is again on display. I wonder what fauna (deer? gorillas? wildebeests?) was lurking among the flora:

lilys fauna sty

Finally, she’s just a tad confused about matching a verb to a subject:

each were sty

When the subject is each the verb is singular (was, not were, in this case).

Poor thing. This “editor” is worried about her job. And with good reason.

How not to make a link

Here’s a perfect example of how not to include a link in your text:

link food

It’s from Yahoo! Food. (And that’s how you do a link.)

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