What is it about the word?

What is it about the word the that’s so hard to spell? It seems simple enough, yet the editors at yahoo.com manage to screw it up:

fp thee

And when they do spell it correctly, it’s the wrong word:

fp the consume


You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

Someone at yahoo.com is bound to be right, but who would that be? Is the CEO of GM a Ms. Barra or a Ms. Burra?

fp burra

She’s Mary Barra. The misspelled Burra might just be a typo. Anyone could have made that mistake since the U key is right next to the A key on a keyboard.

If you’re taste buds, what am I?

If you’re wondering why the writing on Yahoo! Makers is full of miserable misspellings, grammatical gaffes, and terrible typos, consider this: The editor in chief of the website isn’t any better at English than her staff:

youre taste diy

That’s news to Sen. Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham would probably be surprised that his name has been changed by the editors at Yahoo! News:

lindsay graham news 2

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