Your readers care

If you don’t think readers care about accuracy, think again. The readers of this nugget at Yahoo! Travel were a little surprised to learn that Chattanooga has moved from Tennessee to North Carolina:

no carolina trav

And a claim of “download time” here:

download times 2

and here:

download times 1

did not go unnoticed. (The abbreviation Mpbs is short for megabits per second. It is a measure of speed. Calling it a “download time” is like calling 40 mph a “driving time.”)

Here are two comments left by readers of the article:

“If you are going to write travel stories, you really ought to know your geography. Chattanooga is located in TENNESSEE, not North Carolina. This is the kind of accuracy we have come to expect from Yahoo!.”

“wow!! download TIMES of 32 Mbps… the brain-dead, idiotic “EXPERTS” from yahoo spew again…”

Need I say more?


2 Responses to “Your readers care”

  1. S. Hunter Nisbet Says:

    Oh no! I’ll tell my brother, he’ll have to change his zip code. Georgia I could’ve seen, but North Carolina? What a silly mistake to make.

    • Laura Says:

      I have no idea how a mistake like that gets mad. You’re being quite charitable to call it “a silly mistake.” My words would be a lot harsher. But I let the Yahoo readers comment in my stead.

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