Worst spelling of the day

A misused hyphen isn’t the worst mistake a writer can make. It’s just the most common mistake made by Yahoo! Style writers. The worst mistake — or should I say, today’s worst spelling mistake — is this:

hommbre sty

You might think that this is a misspelling of hombré, but you would be wrong. It is actually the writer’s pathetic attempt at a hair-coloring style known as ombré.


‘You don’t know me’: Reader reacts

What could possibly be wrong with this headline on Yahoo! Parenting?

colon quot parent

The punctuation. Two punctuation marks never go before a closing quotation mark: a colon and a semicolon.

Maybe she meant ‘lox’

In the vast universe of creative misspellings that is Yahoo!, a bright, shiny new entry has emerged on Yahoo! Style:

locs sty

Misspelling locks once is a typo. Twice? It’s appalling.

Who’s responsible for this embarrassment?

There’s a giant gaffe on the Yahoo! front page. Whose mistake is that, anyway?

fp whos fireplaced

The contraction who’s is short for who is or who has. It is not the possessive of who; that would be whose.

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