Would that be Jeb Bush’s websites?

Former governor of Florida Jeb Bush has set his sites on Vermont. Sounds good to me, except I can’t figure out what sites this Yahoo! News correspondent is referring to:

set his sites pol

Is it his websites? His campsites? His parasites? Oh, well. I may never know. Next time I’m looking for information, I’ll set my sights on a legitimate news outlet.


Time to make an arrest

If misspelling a celebrity’s name were a crime, the editors for yahoo.com would be under arrest for this take on Teresa Giudice’s name:

fp guidice

Just put it anywhere

Sometimes I think the writers at Yahoo! Style know they need to throw some punctuation at a sentence, but have no idea where it should go. This genius writer probably thought an apostrophe was required, so she took a chance and came up with this:

ol days apos sty

It might have been more effective if she asked an editor’s opinion first. Oh horrors! Maybe she did ask for editorial advice and they told her to stick it there! Anyhoo, regardless of how that apostrophe got there, it’s wrong. The apostrophe is being used to indicate the omission of a letter, so unless she meant pol, the apostrophe belongs after the L and the result is short for old.

How many car manufacturers are there?

You probably thought that there was more than one car manufacturer in the world. You would be wrong. Or the editors at yahoo.com would be wrong:

fp manufacturers

If they’re referring to a single manufacturer, then the placement of the apostrophe is correct. If they’re referring to more than one maker — and we know they are — the apostrophe belongs after the S: manufacturers’.

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