Would that be Jeb Bush’s websites?

Former governor of Florida Jeb Bush has set his sites on Vermont. Sounds good to me, except I can’t figure out what sites this Yahoo! News correspondent is referring to:

set his sites pol

Is it his websites? His campsites? His parasites? Oh, well. I may never know. Next time I’m looking for information, I’ll set my sights on a legitimate news outlet.


3 Responses to “Would that be Jeb Bush’s websites?”

  1. HB Says:

    Blooming heck! They still can’t find the right word for “site”? Hopefully this festive season their families will hopefully buy them some English classes — I can’t think of a better present.

    Anyways, Happy Holidays, Laura! Here’s to another year of Yahoo! blunders.

    • Laura Says:

      Let’s take the charitable view and call it a typo. A mere “oversite.”

      Happy holidays, to you too!

      • HB Says:

        I didn’t know whether to capitalise “holidays” or not, because I see it so frequently. That’s one thing that confuses me.

        Suppose everybody needs an editor…

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