Where was that written?

Ya’ gotta wonder if the writing for yahoo.com has been outsourced to a country where the residents are totally unfamiliar with U.S. geography. I can’t imagine anyone in the States referring to Southern California as “South California,” can you?

fp so cal

And I don’t know of anyone in the U.S. who would think that this is correct:

fp southern plains

When capitalized, Southern refers to the southeastern portion of the United States, where there are no plains. The southern plains refers to the southern part of the Great Plains, generally considered in the center of the country.

Maybe they don’t teach U.S. geography in the country where these were written. Maybe Yahoo! should bring the writing of its site back to the U.S.


Except for the mistakes, it’s perfect!

Here’s an example from Yahoo! Music written by the “managing editor”; most of the mistakes on this list are spelling-themed, but not all of them:

hannukkah mus

In that one little sentence this “editor” mistakes of for are. There are lots of acceptable ways to spell Hanukkah, but Hannukkah isn’t one of them. It’s just wrong. As is Sasha Baron Cohen. Sasha Cohen is a former Olympic figure skater. The comedian is Sacha Baron Cohen. And Erran Baron Cohen is his brother, but I don’t know if he is Sacha’s “little brother.” I do know he is Sacha’s older brother. Which is more than this editor knows.

All in all, that’s quite a few mistakes for a single sentence. But other than the typo, misspellings, and erroneous information, it’s perfect!

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

I don’t know if “NFL Awards Watch” is a proper noun or not. And neither do the editors at yahoo.com, so they treat it as both a proper and a common noun:

fp awards watch uc lc

Their will be done

There will likely be no consequences for the Yahoo! Sports writer for this homophonic error:

their will spo stew

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