Improve your proofreading

Here’s one way the staff at Yahoo! Celebrity can improve their proofreading skills: They could actually read what they wrote:

improve group cel

That’s one typo that a spell-checker wouldn’t find, even if the staff deigned to use one.


Nonviolent crime against English

It’s a nonviolent crime against the English language on Yahoo! Celebrity:

had commit cel

If someone at a real news site had committed those errors, they would have been hauled off to the grammar slammer.

Not a winner in the spelling beebee?

I’m pretty sure that this Yahoo! Sports writer never won a spelling bee in elementary school, even if the winning word were as simple as BB:

beebee gun spo stew

Put down the eggnog

The editors at must have been hitting the bourbon-laced eggnog pretty hard this weekend. That’s about the only explanation I have for this bit of nonsense disguised as a sentence:

fp who falls

What the heck does that mean? Did the editor mean: Roethlisberger is just one of a few star signal-callers who fall short of their normal standards? That would mean the writer left out at least one word and couldn’t match a verb to its subject and a pronoun to its antecedent. Given’s standards, that’s entirely possible.

It’s also possible the editor meant: Roethlisberger is just one star signal-caller who falls short of his normal standards. That would mean the writer included a few totally extraneous words and used a plural when a singular signal-caller would be correct.

I’m so confused. But not as confused as those editors at Yahoo!. I think I’ll lay off the eggnog for a while.

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