Is that the best you could do?

I don’t watch the videos made by the folks at Yahoo! Style because the subjects don’t interest me. But after this, I might just have to:

sequinned sty

I wouldn’t have caught that misspelling except I first saw it on

fp seq

You’d think the editors could have picked a picture that  didn’t contain a misspelling. Or maybe there wasn’t one…


Hmmm. Love me some chain

Hmmm. I just love me some pizza and I’m always looking for the best slice wherever I go. But I won’t be taking advice from the editors at, who found the best-tasting chain:

fp best-tasting chain

I won’t be eating any chains any time soon, though I do like the occasional hot link.

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

Unable to decide if the online service known as Amazon Prime is a proper or common noun, the editors at try to have it both ways and hope that you don’t notice:

fp prime uc lc

Much different from the correct word

This excerpt from Yahoo! Style is an example of a word that’s much different from the correct word:

much different than sty

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