There, their now

Is there an explanation as to why the editors at Yahoo! Health don’t know there from their? Perhaps they’ll read this and share their stories about learning (or not learning) grammar in elementary school:

there stories


Like Delano Roosevelt and Fitzgerald Kennedy

The actress Jennifer Jason Leigh’s last name is Leigh; her middle name is Jason. Referring to her as Jason Leigh, as they do on, is like referring to FDR as Delano Roosevelt or JFK as Fitzgerald Kennedy:

fp jason leigh

Don’t drink too much champagne. Or Champagne. Whatever

Perhaps the editors at have been hitting the bubbly a little early. Imagine them giggling as they write about champagne:

fp champagne lc

and then fumbling around the keyboard to write about Champagne alternatives:

fp champagne ic

Once again these folks show an inability to decide on a single spelling for a word. But this time, maybe they’ll blame on an early New Year’s celebration.

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