Breaking up a fistfight

The new face on provides less space for the editors to screw up. But they still manage to do it, this time breaking up fistfight:

fp fist fight


This had me in stitches

If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. I’ve seen some very simple words misspelled on Yahoo!. But I’ve never seen cross-stitch misspelled anywhere. And I mean anywhere. But here it is on Yahoo! Shopping, where the writer can’t spell stitch to save her life, can’t decide if cross-stitch should be hyphenated (it should) and overlooked a missing hyphen in 4-inch:

cross stich sho

No assembly required

Ya’ gotta wonder if the “news editor” for Yahoo! Style was casting about for the correct word, only to come up with the wrong word:

assembly cast sty

A group that performs together is an ensemble; together they form an ensemble cast.

What it’s like to be wrong

Here’s what it’s like to be wrong on the home page of Yahoo! Style:

divorcee sty hp

The writer obviously didn’t study French in high school, assuming the writer attended high school. The word for a divorced woman is divorcée; a divorced man is a divorcé. There is no such thing as a divorceé.

Worst news site on the Web

If you’re looking for reliable news articles on the Web, skip anything written by Yahoo! News “journalists.” The mistakes they make would be laughable if they weren’t so horrifyingly inaccurate:

am dying news

Only one person died in the United States of Ebola in 2014. The CDC reports that 11,301 people died of Ebola in Africa that year. Millions of people were not dying in the streets anywhere. Perhaps the writer suffers from Trump Syndrome, named after the presidential candidate who claimed to  have seen thousands of people cheering in New Jersey when the twin towers went down on 9/11.

This is beyond horrible, it is beyond irresponsible.

Make over the makeup artst

How does a typo like this — on the home page of Yahoo! Celebrity — go unnoticed and uncorrected?

artst cel

We should all be anti-fois gras

As reported on Yahoo! Food, Pamela Anderson is opposed to fois gras. Me, too! I’m opposed to all misspellings, even the misspelling of foie gras:

fois-gras foo

They’re not loopholes

When people talk about loopholes, they’re generally referring to a legal way to escape paying more taxes or otherwise exploiting some part of a law or contract. Except if that person is a Yahoo! Style writer who mistakes belt loops for loopholes:

loopholes sty


If this were written by a third-grader, the mistakes might be understandable. But coming from a professional writer for Yahoo! Style, they’re downright disgraceful:

graceful sty

Someone writing about fashion should know that paillettes needs two L’s; they are a type of sequin. And when the plural word is the subject of the sentence, it requires a plural subject. And Lord help her (because no one at Yahoo! will), the writer actually thinks that graceful is a suitable modifier for the verb floats. It is not; the adverb gracefully is.

Take that away!

This phrase is a common one (especially on Yahoo!), but it’s wrong:

anchors away diy

The correct phrase is “anchors aweigh” or “anchor’s aweigh.” According to Wikipedia:

The phrase “anchor’s aweigh” is a report that the anchor is clear of the sea bottom and, therefore, the ship is officially underway.

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