This is gonna turn heads

Here’s a new and meaningless idiom on Yahoo! Parenting that’s bound to turn heads:

turned eyes par

I think there are contact lenses that can turn brown eyes blue. I don’t think a toddler can do that. She might turn heads, though, and attract a lot of attention.

Thank you again, Captain Obvious. I think

I’m not sure, but I think that “health-packed components” are foods that are healthy (or healthful, if you’re a stickler). So why wouldn’t they “pack a nutritious punch”? It’s not exactly earth-shattering information on

fp health-packed

Look there! Heads!

If this excerpt was written and edited by Yahoo! Style staffers, you have to wonder where their heads were in the hours before they published it:

there heads

Thank you, Captain Obvious

Perhaps Major League Baseball isn’t familiar to this writer for

fp mlb baseball

I imagine this was written by someone in a country that doesn’t play a lot of baseball. (Maybe they prefer cricket or field hockey?)

Really, there’s no reason to tell readers that MLB games are baseball games. It’s like ATM machines and PIN numbers.

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