Are layoff rumors affecting staff?

OK, I feel really bad about this. Obviously there’s something seriously wrong with the editors of the Yahoo! front page. Maybe the rumors of layoffs are affecting their ability to do their work. There must be an explanation for the number and seriousness of errors on (besides the fact that no one there bothers to proofread or verify the writing).

It started this morning when I noticed this creative spelling of Instagram:

fp instragram

And the errors kept coming, like this string of words that looks suspiciously like a sentence, but lacks a verb:

fp no verb

Seriously? Have we not been bombarded with Star Wars stories for the last six months? How would you explain the writer’s screw-up of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” title?

fp a force

Stuffed-crust-pizza lovers are sure to want to sink their teeth into a crust filled with sausage and tomatoes:

fp crust

I can’t imagine how high that crust must be to hold all that filling. As for me, I’m happy with a pizza crust topped with sausage and tomato.

Then, there’s this story about an altercation with details that the editor apparently made up:

fp shoving

The article behind this headline states that Ms. Titus was hurt when she was shoved into a window frame. Nowhere does it state that she was “roughed up” after being shoved. Someone has a vivid imagination.

But wait! There’s more. A misspelling of Stephen Curry’s name isn’t the worst mistake today. Maybe the R key got stuck:

fp currry

And finally (at least I hope it’s the final giant gaffe of the day), there’s this ridiculous contention that airbrushing was used to add children to a photograph:

fp airbrushed

Oh, there’s also the bewildering photos’s, which is beyond ridiculous.

This is all too sad. Sad, sad, sad.


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