Dumbest statement of the day

Today’s dumbest statement comes from yahoo.com, where we learn that Keri Russell is pregnant — not with a baby, but with her costar:

fp preg

Raffi and the prime minister

Singer of songs Raffi has a new album and it has something to do with a prime minister. At least that’s what I think it’s about after reading this on Yahoo! Parenting:

premier par

It’s possible the editor meant premiere, which is the debut of a song or recording. As a noun, premier means prime minister or other administrative officer.

This may be a record

This excerpt from Yahoo! Style may be a new record for Terribly Write: The most errors in a single sentence:

rnc chair sty

In honor of its new status, I thought I’d point out just a teensy error: Lewis Eisenberg is NOT the chairman of the Republican National Committee. Reince Priebus is the chairman of the RNC. And Agnes Gund is the president emerita (since she is female) of MoMA (which is the correct shortening of the Museum of Modern Art).

Is that a new Southwestern dessert?

I love desserts. All kinds of desserts — pie, cake, ice cream, even the occasional Baked Alaska. I’ve tasted all kinds of sweets, but never the “dry, tumbleweed-filled dessert” mentioned on Yahoo! Style. It sounds like the kind of thing you’d find in the American Southwest:

dessert style cruz

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