There’s no winner here

Management at might want to reconsider its decision to outsource writing to a country unfamiliar with common American phrases. In the U.S., we like winning numbers:

fp winner numbers

It’s it’s but it’s wrong

The writing on Yahoo! Makers reached its lowest level with this misuse of the contraction it’s instead of the possessive pronoun its:

its lowest levels diy

What’s wrong with an MTV award?

What’s wrong with an MTV award? Nothing. What’s wrong here on Yahoo! Celebrity is a MTV:

a mtv cel

The decision to choose a or an is based on the sound of the word that follows — not the spelling or the first letter of the word. In this case, MTV is pronounced em-tee-vee, and the initial sound is that of a vowel. Ergo, an, not a, is the correct indefinite article.

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