What did the Titans do?

After reading this on yahoo.com, I’m a tad confused. What did the Titans do? Did they promote Mike Mularkey to head coach? I thought so. But then I read that they hired a new coach:

fp hire coach

That’s the kind of head-scratcher you’ll face when a writer uses the wrong word. The Titans didn’t hire a new coach, the team named a new coach. The coach had already been hired.


2 Responses to “What did the Titans do?”

  1. queenofblank Says:

    All of these news organizations are so worried about getting news out fast, that proofreading falls to way the wayside. Especially on social media. Sad truth. :/

    • Laura Says:

      You’re right. If editors or writers do any proofreading, it’s done after the words are published. I understand the occasional typo, but not the flagrant and frequent misuse of common words and the daily misspellings, which would be caught by any spellchecker. Sigh.

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