Getting rid of ‘social imbibers’ can be beneficial

Did you know that ditching drinking and even social imbibers can be good for you? That’s what the editors at claim, though I suspect they have no idea where to insert a parenthetical phrase:

fp social imb

Cristiano Ronaldo’s really big underwear

Cristiano Ronaldo has either every large underwear or very small balls (I’m talking soccer balls):

underwear sty

We’ll have to ask the Yahoo! Style editor for an explanation of how he manages to juggle balls in his underwear.

How big was that hanger?

How big a hanger does it take to host an award ceremony? According to Yahoo! Style, the Critics’ Choice Awards was held in Barker Hanger:

hanger cca sty

The only Barker Hanger I could find looked like this:

dog hanger

A more likely venue is the Barker Hangar, located in Santa Monica, not L.A. It looks something like this:

barker hanger pic

I think that’s what the writer meant. I’m guessin’ that she didn’t even know that hangar was a word and it referred to a large building where aircraft are stored.

Did you sign up for this?

Did readers of sign up for this? Did they agree that the writers and editors could use any word, regardless of meaning?

fp signatories

I’m pretty sure that the persons responsible for choosing the word signatories thought it means “people who sign something.” A signatory is someone who has signed a contract or other legal document. I don’t think signing a petition meets that definition.

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